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The Rise of Fashion Blogging as a Full Time Career

About Fashion Bloggers

The most happening Fashionable Career of the recent time and the sensation to continue for quite sometimes now... yes you are right it is Fashion Blogging....

Like any other career Fashion Blogging is shaping up to be a full time career to many who want to break out the stereo type careers and break the myth that you need to be beautiful and real tall to be fashionable.

Fashion bloggers are the avid follower and explorer of the fashion world. They scrutinise, recommend and share experiences and ideas related to vogue through different social platforms. A fashion blogger regularly writes blogs with eye-catching graphics and appealing content’s on the trending and popular topics. By becoming a fashion blogger, an individual not only gets to inform people about the prevailing trends in the fashion industry but also gets to pursue his/her passion. 

Among all the industries and domains, fashion is a strong category to accept blogging as a medium of communicating fashion. In fact, fashion blogs are increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream fashion press. In the past, designers and readers would have to wait a few days to read a review on their collection, but now, thanks to technology and internet, it comes almost instant.

Fashion blogs, first appeared in late-90s and early 2000s, and slowly the bloggers made their way to front rows for the fashion shows for designers like Dolce & Gabbana. In India, Miss Malini started a blog on the entertainment industry and Bollywood almost in 2008, and a today she is India’s first and most popular celebrity blogger.

The growing penetration of digital media has increased the demand for professionals who have good command over writing. These are the new influencers who tweet, snapchat, post their opinion on brands and experiences with brands, services to thousands of their friends and followers. Their opinions reach consumers faster than the ‘Fashion editors’. It has been replaced by a new dynamic model where all participants have the opportunity to actively interact during the entire communication process. This allows people to participate in the discussions around fashion sensibilities, brands and services and also discuss their likes and dislikes on the way fashion is presented in the media.


Today blogs have begun to play an important role in brand visibility and the advertising world. And these are fastest growing areas of developing new content. Instagram is the strongest channel for fashion influencers. Bloggers have gained ‘celebrity status’ and their influence on consumers’ buying decisions is growing. Bloggers along with Fashion Designers and Stylists develop unique compositions and tell a story in its unique and meticulous way.

Eligibility to become Fashion Blogger

There are no specific qualifications and eligibility criteria that one has to follow in order to become a fashion blogger. It requires an eye for detail and a willingness to express your thoughts. Although, mentioned below are the minimum eligibility criteria that an individual can meet in order to expand his/her knowledge and make a successful career as a fashion blogger.

  • It is a basic requirement for an individual to have qualified class 12th before starting with fashion blogging. 
  • After the completion of intermediate, a candidate must also go for an undergraduate programme in the relevant field that would help them in adding skills and understanding of the field.
  • Various certifications and diploma courses are also available in Fashion Blogging that can help an aspiring fashion blogger to polish skills of communication, content curation, technical knowledge, comprehension of fashion etc.
  • You need to have an excellent fashion sense and technical skills to commence your career as a fashion blogger.
  • You could start by making your own blog, by joining Blogspot, Tumblr or Wordpress.
  • Make sure the blog has its domain name.
  • Always keep a track of latest happenings in the fashion world. For instance Fashion weeks, launching of designer stores etc.
  • Try and include quotes by designers or fashion gurus, to make the blog more credible.
  • Pictures are always a good watch. Keep a camera handy and post pictures of latest trend spotting, designer collections and fashion weeks.


If you have been blogging consistently for 4-5 years, in the current market scenario, you can be looking at earning in the range of Rs. 50,000- 1lakh per month. Individual bloggers can earn up to Rs 5 lakh a month in coming future.

Employment Opportunities for Fashion Blogger:

A fashion blogger is not only limited to social media. Once a fashion blogger starts getting popular with the content multiple sectors provide employment opportunities to him/her.  Industry those lend employment opportunities for fashion bloggers.

  • Entertainment Industry
  • Fashion Companies
  • Clothing Brands
  • Magazines
  • Print Media
  • Social Media
  • Publishing Houses
  • Travel Companies

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