Today, your fate really depends on that one right decision that you take for a better career and to be a professional. Creativity is also the key when you are in the field of design or performing arts and you want to be successful at it. It must also be noted that to be a professional you must first be part of a prestigious professional institute. A professional is not someone who is well groomed or dressed well or someone who has quite a few degree & certificates hanging on the wall. It is the culmination of everything mentioned above with the right attitude that makes someone a professional and IFM Academy, is the best when it comes to nurturing creativity to professionalism.

IFM Academy is one of the most reputed academies involved in training young professionals in the field of interior design, fashion design, graphic design, modeling/acting and photography. Being involved in these sectors for many years, IFM has the best faculty and the exposure that the students require to make use of the creativity that is polished in the academy. There have been many successful students who have passed out from IFM and are involved in some of the best designer companies, media houses or are professional photographers now. Today there is a huge scope for youths involved in designer sectors, acting and photography but their creativity needs the right resources to sharpen their skills and to be a step ahead always.

Latest Curriculum
We make sure our curriculum is constantly updated to be ready for the latest trends that are to follow.
Certified Trainers
Learn from certified trainers and experts who are the best at what they do and are also the best trainers.
Innovative Live Projects
We do not undermine the importance of being involved in innovative live projects to sharpen your creativity.
Placement Assistance
Placement Assistance
Assure placements into some of the best fashion and designer houses that we have been serving for a long time.
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