Drawing & Graphics

ID101. Drawing & Graphics

This subject equips students with drawings through sketches, technical drawings, views, and manual drafting. This subject also helps students understand the basics and the fundamentals of design theory, elements, and principles of design including colour and colour theory.

Furniture Design - I

ID102. Furniture Design - I

This subject is designed to help students learn the various types of furniture; explore the designing, production, and usage of furniture in any interior space. The students learn to appreciate furniture as functional art and will also study the history and evolution of furniture by involvement in live projects.

Construction - I

ID103. Construction - I

In this subject, the students learn the importance of different types of constructional details applicable to interior spaces. The study also helps in understanding the various parts of a building and their role in the overall structural design.

Space Management - I

ID104. Space Management - I

The students are exposed to understanding the different spaces used while designing interiors. Practical exposure and site visits help students evaluate spaces and manage them without wasting an inch of the available plot.

Essentials of Materials

ID105. Essentials of Materials

As an interior designer, knowledge of materials and finishes are the key to designing. This subject helps in teaching students about the properties and usage of various materials available in the market today and identifying new trends.


ID106. CAD-I

Students would be exposed towards digital designing using legal software’s used in the world of designing.

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