The word DESIGN embraces all activities of human being, we can not name any field where Design activity is not involved. The meaning of word Design indicates that it is a systematic effort to analyze the end product, understand its function and design with such ingenuity as to have a unique combination of appropriate material, technology and aesthetic values to blend with choice of material and end use selected. The course will introduce aspiring students to the ever-evolving world of Interior Design with an in-depth knowledge about Spatial Planning, Materials, Traditional Art and Crafts, World Design standards and practices, Services etc. Completing the Degree and Diploma course the students will be ready for the challenges of professional world and handle with utter confidence.

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Masters In Interior Design

Degree is given from Sunrise University

2 Years

Course Overview

The 2 years Master's degree course provides the students with basic and intermediate training for aspiring students of interior design. During the first-year students will learn about the basics of Interior Design, and in the consecutive year, they will learn about three elective directions. These will be followed by rigorous training for the hands-on experience of the course. All the necessary methodological tools for projects in the professional fields will be achieved through a scientific and well-balanced teaching program.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Completing the course students will be able to conceptualize and design Interior spaces of residencies, offices, museums, cultural clubs, theatres, etc.
  • • Students will be able to gain plenty of experience and knowledge working in various spectrums of the diverse industries. They will be able to work as interior designers, event designers, freelance interior designers, interior decorators etc.
  • • The course will help relating and understanding the synergy between an individual and his or her surroundings. They will be able to create functional concepts for enhancing visual appeal.
Learning Outcomes


The Master's program is a 2 years course divided as below :

  • • Art and Graphics
  • • Construction Techniques
  • • History of Interior & Furniture
  • • Interior Materials
  • • Residence Project
  • • Vaastu Shashtra
  • • Computer Aided Designing
  • • Practical Lab
  • • History of Art & Architecture
  • • Lighting Design
  • • Services
  • • Commercial Spaces
  • • Landscape in Interiors
  • • Estimation & Costing
  • • Computer Aided Designing
  • • Practical Lab - I
  • • Practical Lab - II

Bachelors In Interior Design

Degree is given from Sunrise University

12th Pass or equivalent
3 Years

Course Overview

The 3 years Bachelor's Degree course in Interior Design help the student understand and gain knowledge about various elements of Architecture, Lighting, Decorations, Sourcing Materials, Cultural and Lifestyle Preferences, and Soft Furnishings. Thus, they will be able to grasp the knowledge about the roles and functionalities of different factors of Interior Design.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Students will be able to master their skill to understand and execute quality interior designs for different spaces, such as, homes, hotels, corporate offices, retails, public spaces, etc.
  • • Students will be able to start their own e-commerce platforms as they will have proper knowledge about both the automated field and Furniture design.
  • • Students will gain technical knowledge about model making techniques and 3D printing.
  • • The curriculum helps the students to properly understand and evaluate the profession of interior designer with careful budgeting.
Learning Outcomes


The Bachelor's program is a 3 years course divided as below :

  • • Communication and Soft Skills
  • • Fundamental of Design
  • • Visual Communication and Presentation
  • • Studio for Residental Space
  • • Interior Construction and Detailing
  • • Essentials of Materials and Systems
  • • Evolution of Interior Design
  • • Studio for Work Space
  • • Studio for Retail and Store
  • • Studio for Cafe and Restaurant
  • • Business of Interior Design
  • • Portfolio Development and Presentation
  • • Transformable Systems and Spaces
  • • Application of Vastu and Feng Shui
  • • Future of Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • • Dissertation

Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma is given from Sunrise University

10th Pass or equivalent
1 Year

Course Overview

The Diploma course of Interior Design provides the tool to aspiring students who have a knack for designing, modifying, and decorating spaces for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the place. The industry-oriented fast-track course prepares them from conceptualization stage to design development to execution level guiding them with the relevant course structure, use of the latest 2D/ 3D design software, creating opportunities to share knowledge with leading industry experts in the field to turn them into confident and skilled individuals to transform their imagination into a concrete reality.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Students will gain skills to communicate properly in technical drawing language of interior design.
  • • Understand the concept and functionalities of innovative materials, Design Standards and Projects, etc.
  • • Properly conceptualise and execute various interior spaces, such as residencies, offices, public spaces etc.
  • • Students will be able to start their own start-ups and E-commerce portals.
Learning Outcomes


The diploma program is a 1 year course as below :

  • • Communicative English
  • • Principles of Design/Sketching & Rendering
  • • Drafting for Interior Design
  • • Interior Space Components & Furnishings
  • • Computer Aided Designing - I
  • • History of Interior Design
  • • Design Studio
  • • Building Services & Codes/Professional Practice
  • • Computer Aided Designing - II
  • • Portfolio Presentation
  • • Building Material in Construction
  • • Furniture Design
  • • Design Studio

Career Opportunities

The Degree and Diploma program in Interior Designing provides a 360° comprehensive curriculum to the students with ample career options to choose from.

  • • Interior Designer
  • • 3D Artist and Model Design
  • • Art Direction in Cinema and advertising
  • • Visual Merchandiser
  • • Event and Set Design
  • • Realtors and Property Developers
  • • Design consultant
  • • Interior and Furniture Brand Consultant

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