Online Course

If you are passionate about fashion and always following the latest lifestyle trends, then lifestyle blogging course is for you.

Blog writing is no longer just for fun. It is now looked at as a full time profession. These days, fashion bloggers tend to earn a lot from their sites and the brands they write about. The most important thing about Fashion and Lifestyle blogging is a good camera and lens. The writing comes from the experience, and capturing the beautiful moments are your prerequisites on becoming a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

This course is designed to give you comprehensive lessons about fashion and lifestyle blogging from scratch to being professional. You will learn where to begin, where to write, how to write, lifestyle trends and on. You complete the necessary skills to become a confident fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Module 1: Fashion and Lifestyle BLOG

Module 2: Understanding Fashion and Lifestyle

Module 3: Photography & Imagery

Module 4: Technicality Part 1

Module 5: Technicality Part 2

Module 6: Business Building

Mode : Online Curriculum
Modules : 6 Modules
Duration : 8 Weeks
Evaluation : Through Project submission